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Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fast Blog Finder Review

I have been using Fast Blog Finder to find high page rank blog posts to leave a comment on thus gaining valuable back links. There are really four basic ways (and many more creative but not so basic ways) to get links, which I talked about in the make money blogging series. The four basic and very popular methods are leaving comments on blogs, submitting your website to directories, article marketing and social bookmarking.

From these four ways to get links to your site I would have to say that commenting on blogs will get you the least amount of links. Having said that I would also like to add that I think there is no better way to score some real quality links. Almost all of your article submissions, directory submissions and social bookmarking tags will be gray bar links, meaning they are a page rank zero.

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So blog commenting is a really practical way to grab some high page rank links from authority sites. Page rank isn’t everything but it is a factor in how Google ranks your site. It also reflects the authority of your site to some degree. We can all agree that a site with a page rank 8 is an authoritative site.

I used to use Blog Comment Demon by Edwin Soft but I switched to Fast Blog Finder for one particular reason. Fast Blog Finder parses the do follow from the no follow. I have checked and double checked just to make sure that it was accurate and indeed it was.

I would also say that Fast Blog Finder easily finds many more blogs than Comment Demon or the free program Real LInk Finder. Real Link Finder is a great free tool no doubt but it doesn’t really compare to Fast Blog Finder. I have lots of experience with both and Fast Blog Finder is my preferred tool for blog commenting nowadays.

With Fast Blog Finder you can refine your search for relevant blogs according to a variety of criteria. It will search for both do follow and no follow together or just do follow if you want. You just type in a broad search term related to your niche and press start. This software shows you the url of the blog post, the page rank of the domain, the page rank of the post page, the number of outbound links and whether the page is do follow or no follow.

free Download_FastBlogFinder

Fast Blog Finder saves your results so you can go back later and do a comment run. I often get thousands of blogs in my results to comment on. There is just no way you can comment on that many blogs in one sitting so it’s great that it automatically saves your lists for you. You don’t have to save and store away any lists or anything. Nice and lazy!

The real key in knowing how to fully exploit this powerful tool is knowing how to search. Most people do exactly what I recommended above which was to enter a broad search term into Fast Blog Finder and let it bring in relevant results. That is just fine and dandy but you could get a little creative here and find some really high page rank pages to post on. I have found personally a ton of PR6 posts that are actually do follow and they had just a few comments on them.

I am not going to give away all my secrets but I will give you a tip. Think about what kind of pages get lots of trackbacks. It is already well known that pages that get lots of trackbacks end up with high PR. Can you think of any reasons why lots of folks would send a trackback to a post? Maybe someone was link baiting with a free download of some sort… Hmmm

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Learn how to search for footprints. Footprints in this sense are phrases that are common to a certain type of blog or post. For instance “download free” is a footprint. This query will bring back results where there was a free download of some sort. If this was on a blog then there are sure to be some trackbacks. Do you see what I mean?

Bottom line is I highly recommend Fast Blog Finder as a one way link building tool. It is in my opinion the best program for blog commenting out there today. With a little creativity you should be able to score some awesome links in no time flat. In fact, I find this software addicting!

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Monday, September 8, 2008

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Earn passive income per month lifelong with best online program

I like this review posted by Author: Kellen Bell at http://www.articlesbase.com

Just like most people I watched the video and was instantly hooked. A home business that didn't really require any real "business". Just do what you do everyday, recommend something that you found useful or helpful. Now You probably did it countless times this month, telling friends about a great movie or restaurant. Did anybody cut you a check ?

So after hearing this and thinking about it, I said why not i'll give it a try forGDI a month and see how it goes. I figured even if it sucks and I can't get get one person, I at least have a website and domain name for ten bucks a month.

Signing up was easy and straight-forward, I like that because this means it's easier to convert visitors. I picked a domain name that was keyword friendly and focuses on the topic of my site, I recommend you do the same (helps in search engines). Next, I started to build my site, I already had a site that I wanted to put up. If I didn't GDI provides about fifty professional templates that I could have used for free.

Next, I decided to start working on promoting GDI, this being the reason that I started in the first place. I began promoting a few days after signing up. I started with safelist, which brought a few leads but no signups. Looking back I made the mistake of not using contact solo ads to safelist. These are the most effective for safelist, I use them myself every now and then still. Then, I tried traffic exchanges. They resulted in a whole lot of hits but once again no signups! I was starting to doubt this "automated" system that GDI claimed to have in place.

Struggling to understand how all of these people that were claiming to make fortunes did it, I started reading the forums. I found a bunch of ads that some of the GDI professionals used and were proven. I was surprised how friendly the "heavy-hitters" were, always answering my questions and helping me get off to a good start.

I read that ezine advertising was one of the best ways to generate leads and signups so I decided to give it a try. I tried one of those ad-coops where I spent $10 and they put my classified ad in like twenty ezines. The results wasn't what I was expecting, since the ad was supposedly sent to 160k subscribers and I ended up with a few leads and one signup.

Almost feeling discouraged and thinking about writing this off as a failure, I decided to run one more ad. This time I placed a contact solo using one of the professional ads that I got from the forums. The response was great, I had over twenty leads and six signups from one ad! GDI gave me a $100 bonus for signing up five people in one week.

Without saying, this brought my confidence in the program back. I finally figured out the secret to advertising this program, ezine contact solos but these are kind of expensive so I had to find a cheaper way of making money with this program. I tried top sponsor ads, which worked about the same as solos but cheaper giving me my winner.

Now, it's been about a month and a half and I have around 25 people in my downline that I directly sponsored, and once they start recruiting my downline will explode. I've been paid once already, which it came right on schedule as promised. So in conclusion, I recommend GDI to anyone who is looking for a easy home biz that doesn't cost much to get started.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Using Long Tail Keywords to Increase Search Engine Traffic

If you’ve never heard the term “long tail keywords” before, then you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about, and how can you actually use these to increase your traffic. Long tail keywords are different from your normal search engine keywords like “web designer”, “toronto restaurants” or “buy cds online”. They are much more specific, contain more words, and are sometimes on the brink of a full sentence! For example, instead of just searching for “web designer”, someone might search for “blog web designer for making money”.
The main reason for focusing on these long tail keywords, is because instead of using popular and more broad keywords which are generally much more competitive, you optimize your site for longer, more specific keywords which generally are much less competitive. When your keywords are hit, there is a much greater chance that your site is going to be returned on the front page of the search results, which increases your chances of a new page visit.
Many people tend to focus on the popular keywords, then end up sending the majority of search engine traffic to their sites. And when an optimization is done, that increases the traffic on those 10 or 20 keywords, people rejoice. This goes along with the 80-20 rule, that says that the top search terms provide 80% of the page views. The problem is, that after looking at a lot of different sites, this doesn’t really seem to be the case anymore, especially for small to medium sites, that just can’t compete with the giants.
In most cases, yes, those top 10 keywords that you’ve chosen for your nice website will provide you with a lot of search engine traffic, but not necessarily more then all of the other focused search terms added up. Think about all of those specific keywords that bring 1-5 visitors to your site, the ones that you don’t really put much thought into. Add all of those up, and chances are, it’s going to result in more total visitors then your favorite keywords that really bring in the visitors from search engines. This is the foundation of the long tail theory, that the length, or the total number of low-number search terms, out numbers the height, or the total of the top 10 or 20 terms.
A brief case study is posted on the SearchEngineWatch forums which shows one company receiving about 225,000 visitors from search engines, but only 70,000 came from their top 23 keywords which each brought over 1000 visitors each, the rest were all from these long tail keywords. Even Amazon.com once reported that they make 57% of their sales from keywords that aren’t in their ‘popular’ list.
Another benefit of using these longer, more specific keywords, is that it increases that chances that a visitor to your page actually wants to be there, and will find your site valuable. You will have less visitors that will quickly scan you site and navigate away, realizing that wasn’t quite what they were looking for. This means more page views once they’re there, an increased chance of a new subscriber for your blog, more ads they will see and potentially click on, and the potentially more sales. This means that there are two important benefits to using long tail keywords to increase traffic: more visitors AND visitors that actually want to be there! It’s a win-win situation.
Here are a few ways that you can this information to your advantage:
Keyword Analytic and Tracking Programs: Google AdWords, HitTail and 103bees are three programs that you can use to help determine these keywords for your website. Google’s tool will scan your website, and suggest keywords based on the content. It will also give specific information on each search term, such as how high the competition is, and how popular the search term is. The other too programs require you to add a few lines of code to your site template and they will start to suggest long tail keywords for you to used.
Analyze your competition: This is especially useful for websites that are just starting out. HitTail and 103bees aren’t going to be as helpful if your site isn’t already generating some search traffic. But if you start analyzing websites that are similar to yours, chances are they have already targeted several long tail keywords. Find out what some of these are, and start optimizing your site around those, or variations of them, and begin to create new content pages that include those keywords.
One way accomplish this is to visit their websites and analyze there webpage. Take a look at the source code, check out their title and met tags, and maybe even backlinks.
Another way to do this, is to use a tool like SEODigger to quickly find out what keywords a website is targeting, all you have to do is input their URL.
Brainstorm a list of long tail keywords and use them! This may seem like obvious advice, but sometimes the most simple solution is overlooked. Try to come up with a list of keywords and phrases that really describe the content of your site, and start creating new content that includes the phrases. Especially with something like a blog that is just starting out, you need to keep adding new content frequently. Create new posts make sure that you are using your keywords and phrases in the titles, tags, and inside the post as well. The key here is to add this new content frequently, and add a lot of it. This will help you to start to increase your visibility on search engines, and start to attract new visitors to your site.
Whether you are just starting out with a new blog or website, or you already have a profitable and popular site setup and running, making sure that you are aware of your long tail keywords, and how you can use them effectively, will definitle help you increase traffic coming from search engines.